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Archives Museum

Having borne witness to over 167 years of history, the school has become a reservoir of memories, objects, photographs, documents and letters. To preserve these keepsakes from the past for historical documentation as well as for the delight of preserving a slice of history, the Archives’ Museum was set up. From a hundred-year-old laboratory sink, an archaic projector and a radio to ledgers and newspaper clippings, every showpiece was logged and exhibited according to its place in the annals of time. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the archive is the rich collection of letters.

With the interiors stylishly remodeled, photographs of night shots on back lit glass and the ventilation, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems replaced and upgraded, the fourth phase of the archives successfully compiles with the demanding challenges of the climatic conditions to meet current and future needs. Ample space has now been provided to exhibit specimens of butterflies, moths, old handwritten letters, beetles (in new glass display cases which are lit from within), old pianos, projectors and remarkable remnants dating back to the colonial era. The museum features a section in honour of all the Principals of St. George’s College, the distinguished staff and Alumni. The well lit display cabinets make it possible for everyone to get a clear view of the items on display.