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Fee Structure For Boarders

Sl no Heads Amount (in Indian Rupees)
1 Admission Fees (Non Refundable)
For New Admission 1,00,000/-
2 Security Deposit (Interest Free- Refundable)
For New Admission 50,000/-
3 Boarding Fees
IV,VIII & XI 4,55,849/-
IX 4,77,241/-
X & XII 4,98,745/-
4 Tuition Fees
IV TO VI 50,270/- per annum
VII & VIII 59,451/- per annum
IX & X 71,693/- per annum
XI & XII COM 80,873/- per annum
XI & XII SC 88,014/- per annum
5 Student Development/ Care Charges (Non Refundable)
IV TO VI 67,000/- per annum
VII & VIII 68,000/- per annum
IX & X 69,000/- per annum
XI & XII 70,000/- per annum
6 Advance against textbooks, uniform, stationary, sports goods etc.(adjustable at the end of the year in the final bill) and Pocket Money (Rs 7000/-)
IV TO VI 67,000/- per annum
VIII & XI 77,000/- per annum
7 Documentation & Verification Exp. (additional for Overseas students only)
20,000/- per annum
Fee Rules

Registration fees and Admission fees are non-refundable.

The fee amounts are subject to annual revision as advised by Governing body of The Society of the Brothers of Saint Patrick.

Amount Date (On or Before)
1st Installment Rs. 3,00,000/- 10th February 2020
2nd Installment 50% of the reminder 1st May 2020
3rd Installment Balance 1st May 2020


A fine of 5000/- (for the first 15 days)/ 10,000/- (for 1 month) and above that 10% of the total fees will be levied.

No reduction in fees is made on account of a student returning late or long leave of absence from the School.

NOTE: The School may or may not provide any break up or specify things/ facilities covered in this amount.

Mode of Payment

School fees are payable in person/by remittance to School office against a valid receipt.

Payment will be accepted by bank draft drawn on any bank payable at Mussoorie. No cheques are accepted. Payment also can be made at ICICI Bank account of the school anywhere in India through Fee Collection form.

Please scan and mail back the deposit voucher for the confirmation of transaction and the details of student.

** Please Note that School does not accept liquid cash.**