St. George’s College, the top schools in Mussoorie is located in a 400 acre campus in Mussoorie. The administration ensures the well being of every Manorite by providing a host of best services and facilities.


St. George ’s College has two huge computer labs with new branded computers installed. The labs are equipped with the latest facilities providing students the experience of cutting-edge technologies with high-speed internet.


Our library known as the Brother Darcy Library is one of the best libraries in the state. Our library offers a wide range of reading materials like a vast collection of books, more than 10,000 reference books, newspapers and magazines. The library is also provided with an internet facility for enhancing the reading habit of every Manorites.


Our students enjoy being immersed in an educational set up that caters to their everyday needs. The classrooms are utilized for the morning preps, study sessions and evening study times. Equipped with smart boards, projectors, computer systems and tablets with study related content, striking a balance with modern and conventional forms of teachings.


The school has its own on-campus health care center with a visiting doctor from Mussoorie providing basic medical aid to the students. The school also has its own ambulance in case of emergencies or medical treatment beyond the scope of our health care center.

Prayer room

The school encourages the students to practice all religions. Students have a room to follow their faith with scriptures, holy books and religious texts which they can access at any time. School also supports the students when it comes to their beliefs.
  • Church
  • Chapel
  • Prayer Room


The St. George’s College Museum showcases the school’s rich history with its vast archives of vintage photographs, objects, documents and letters. The collection includes a vintage piano, scientific instruments from the 1900s, and photographs dating back to the 1870s.


The 24-hour lease-line connection with a speed of 200 Mbps is a new addition to our campus; students can access the internet during their scheduled timings.

Parents Portal

Any parent can access his/her child’s report card, disciplinary report, fee schedule, etc. on the school website. Every parent is given a separate account for his/her child.​


The remedial classes are available for students. The primary purpose for the introduction of this facility is to provide aid to all our weak students and help them excel in academics.


The Indoor heated swimming pool allows our students to have a whale of a time throughout the year. Swimming is useful to children in many ways. It not only strengthens the shoulder and thigh muscles, but also allows children to breathe deeply, and sustain breath underwater for long periods of time.


The Auditorium is a large hall seating over 1000 with a multimedia projector and sound system. Besides watching movies on weekends, the school auditorium provides a platform for students to showcase their talents in various activities.


School has a Facebook page and a You tube channel for the parents to keep in touch with the latest events and activities of their children in the school and the links are available in the Home page along with the link for Campus walk through & 360 degree view of the entire campus.​

Music room

St. George’s College, believes academic excellence and students’ success is closely tied to their all-round development, in which music plays a pivotal role. We have set up 4 Rooms for Drums, Guitar, Piano, and Vocals so that the students have all the options available to them, with the student to instrument ratio being 1:1. Students get opportunities to learn practical and theory. Students get the opportunity to develop their skills in whatever instruments they prefer to learn.


As the name suggests, it is a creative space where the students are exposed to the world of non-lateral thinking and equipped with the requisite techniques to help express themselves in the best productive manner. By integrating the course with the curriculum, the pupils’ progress in their school is assessed in a parallel fashion. As the boy’s graduate at the end of each year, they get to explore more aspects and derive further training in digital media. Pupils are also granted credits for the courses completed.

Dining hall

The dining hall caters to the needs of the students according to their preference. School has separate dining halls for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It also has an in-house bakery which prepares snacks and pastries for the students.
  • Junior dining hall
  • Vegetarian Dining hall
  • Non-vegetarian Dining hall

Dance studio

Equipped with sound proof paneling, state of the art facilities and polished wooden flooring, the dance studio motivates the young choreographers to move with the groove. The school encourages all kinds of dance forms.

Conference room

The sound-proof conference hall is the go to place for meetings, gatherings and counseling sessions. With a seating capacity of over 200, centrally regulated heating system, state of the art computing facilities and an advanced sound system.

Dormitories and locker rooms

The school houses different dormitories and locker rooms for each class, ensuring that the students sleep safe and sound after a busy day of activities. All dormitories have a centrally regulated heating system and wardens looking after every students’ needs.


Keeping in mind the fitness of mind and body. The school actively involves students in sports activities with ample space and equipment.
  • A newly laid out state of the art green turf is used for football, volleyball and athletics.
  • There are three other major fields for football, cricket, hockey and other games.
  • There are two synthetic plastic-coated basketball courts.
  • There is a skating rink for roller skating and roller hockey.
  • Indoor sports facilities like table tennis room with more than ten tables, well– equipped gymnasium, billiards or pool room, indoor badminton and basketball court, and more are available.
  • Shooting range and indoor multi–sports complex are the latest addition for the students to stay healthy and fit.

CCTV, thermal scanning & LED TV’s

Cameras are placed all around the campus on various spots to ensure the safety of our students, and also to keep a close watch on them. All the classrooms are provided with large LCD Screens for the entertainment of the students. Students can watch television during the allotted time. Keeping in mind the global pandemic, the school has installed thermal scanning cameras all over the campus to screen the temperature of the students and staff on a daily basis.