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Music is more than just a pastime in our school, it is a passion for Manorites. From the beginning, Manorites have always had an artistic touch on instruments. Manorites also devote an ample of time in singing and playing music. We also have a rock band which performs on various occasions. Famous Events like Milestone, rock fest, teacher’s day etc where students entertain the audience by means of their music. The inter-house singing competitions (group and solo singing) also provide the students the platform to reveal their talents. The school also has a marching band and a choir which consists of juniors who are trained from the very beginning.

In October 2000, St. George’s College, the best school in Mussoorie, started a novel concept of a cultural extravaganza called MILESTONE. Mr. Joseph, our senior English teacher then, intiated the concept of a platform where all schools could participate in a friendly competition and showcase their talents. Through the following years, S.G.C. has held a MILESTONE every year and till today, the tradition continues. Some of the events held at the MILESTONE are Quiz, Ad-Bag, Music (Indian & Western solo & group) and Choreography.