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School Uniform

School Uniform
Navy Blue Blazer (two-Button, single breasted) 2
Sky Blue Shirts (full sleeves) 6
White Shirts (full sleeves) 2
Grey Trousers (terry cot) 6
White Trousers 1
V-neck Grey Pullovers (1 full sleeves and 1 sleeveless) 2
Pairs of Grey Socks (nylon) 16
Navy Blue Turbans for Sikh boys 4
Pair of Black Laced Shoes 1
Pair of White Sneakers 1

*The above mentioned are the minimum requirements for each student.

  • School Tie, Pocket Crest, Buttons for the Blazer & Coat will be provided by the school.
  • School Tie, Pocket Crest, Buttons for the Blazer & Coat will be provided by the school.
  • For classes XI and XII Navy Blue Coat (two-Button, single breasted) for special occasions is allowed.
Boarding Uniform
Colored Trousers 5
Colored Shirts 3
Colored Sweater 2
Jacket 1
Sleeping Suits 4
Handkerchiefs 14
Under Pants 14
Under Vests 14
Pair Swimming Trunks 2
Towels 4
Pillow 1
Bed Sheets 6
Pillow Covers 3
Blanket 1
Quilt 1
Bag for Soiled Linen (Dhobi Bag) 1
Rain Coat/Wind-cheater/Umbrella 1
Pair of Sports Shoes 1
Pair of Flip-Flops (Slippers) 1
Hangers for the Cupboard 12
Box for Toilet Requisites(Soaps, Shampoos, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Nail-cutter, Lotion, Comb etc.) 1

Each student is provided with a locker and cupboard which can easily accommodate the above mentioned articles.

All articles should be distinctly marked with the student’s name and stock number; it is recommended that a list be pasted on the lid of his trunk/suitcase.

Laundry Services are available once a week.

Note: Stationery, sports equipment, toiletries and other such items for daily use are also available in the school at market price the same will be debited to student’s account.

Accommodation & Food

Accommodation to Boarders is provided in dormitories according to Grades. The dormitory and locker system is divided into 5 sections:

Grades IV & V

Grade VI

Grade VII

Grade VIII

Grades IX & X

Grades XI & XI

Indian Cuisine – Pure Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian is served.

As the food is wholesome, varied and abundant extras in the way of food are not granted unless necessary under medical reasons. They will be charged as extras.